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Tony Nguyen, Co-Founder

Welcome to Antigua University

Welcome to Antigua University, a place with deep traditions focused on creating brighter futures. We invite you to explore the diverse and vibrant community.

Our mission in Antigua University is to provide undergraduate students an exceptional education, built on both the traditions of the finest liberal arts colleges and the resources and ideals of a major research university — to nurture in students the analytic and communicative skills, the breadth and depth of intellect, and the international perspective and experience that leadership in our increasingly interconnected world requires; to engage students in active pursuit of knowledge and understanding; to foster in them the readiness and ability to embrace conceptual and ethical complexity; to strengthen students’ confidence and ability as producers of knowledge; and to offer students opportunities, both local and global, that reinforce their development into wise and effective agents of a more united, generous, and responsive world.

Antigua University equips students for leadership in all arenas of human endeavor. It fosters curiosity, creativity, and critical reflection. At Antigua University, students extend themselves and the frontiers of knowledge.

Antigua University’s faculty are at once great teachers and distinguished scholars, eager to involve undergraduates in their research. Antigua University’s curriculum combines powerful interdisciplinary vision, in-depth pursuit of a discipline, and extraordinary opportunities for individual exploration and growth. .

Our Vision

The vision is to provide academic programmes for a wide range of students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, utilizing student-centered, innovatively advanced, and experiential learning plans that illustrate student success, with a strong emphasis on explicit interdisciplinary competencies and solid links to vocation advancement. The purpose is to develop well-qualified, technically competent graduates whose understanding of applied science and innovation-related areas is refined by direct industrial experience and filled out by a solid, cross-disciplinary creative education.

Our objectives

 a diverse academic community, The University is dedicated to effective educational, outstanding research, and the personal and intellectual growth of its students. The University thought that teaching and research are inextricably linked, that success in one is contingent on success in the other, and that a contemporary university must excel in both. The University also thought that through sharing our knowledge and discoveries, we might improve the world. Our Future